Most Ukrainian migrants are now in Poland (nearly three million people), as well as in other neighbouring countries, such as Romania and Hungary. However, there are special conditions all around the world for people fleeing the war, and they are hospitably welcomed everywhere, from Canada to Australia.

Thus, thanks to the support of our foreign friends, Ukrainians who have left their homeland, can choose where exactly to settle for the near future. The conditions of stay vary in different countries, so before making your final choice, you need to consider the particular features of each option.

What key factors should be taken into account:

  • The composition of your family, the age of its members
  • The presence of pets
  • The availability of relatives or friends in the other country who are ready to welcome you
  • The current policy of the country regarding Ukrainian migrants, opportunities to access social benefits and public funds
  • Knowledge of the language of the destination country
  • Future prospects: opportunities to find a job, restore your business, get an education

We suggest the United Kingdom as a country to move to. So, what are the advantages of this option in the current situation and in general?

  1. The UK is one of the global leaders in terms of its economic power, living standards, political and cultural influence, and tourist attractiveness.
  2. British education is considered one the best in the world. And it is not only about universities, but also about schools: British boarding schools are considered a gold standard of all-round secondary education. Of course, this is especially important if you are travelling with children.
  3. The United Kingdom, specifically England, is the birthplace of the English language and definitely the best place to learn it. In the modern world, excellent command of English will be much more useful for you than knowledge of any other European language. Children immersed in the language environment for even just about a year, become bilingual, and no doubt, it will be a huge advantage for them in future.
  4. British people have huge experience of working with tourists, foreign students, and refugees as well. For example, homestay accommodation is the basic, and very popular, option for foreigners who come to study English at language schools. So, a lot of models, procedures, and rules that are crucial in the current situation, have already been created and time-tested here.
  5. The current conditions for displaced Ukrainians are also quite attractive: a six-month visa with an opportunity to obtain a residence permit for three years, free housing for at least six months, the opportunity to work and study, access to medical care and a full social package, the same that the British people have, plus additional bonuses, such as free higher education at Scottish universities.

    Sponsors offer housing both in big cities and rural areas. The latter are often beautiful, offering clean air and a lot of greenery. There are relatively few Ukrainians in the UK now, and this should also be taken into account.

This review would be incomplete without mentioning the difficulties that Ukrainians may face in the United Kingdom. However, generally, these problems are common for many different countries.

Firstly, if you do not speak the local language at all, it is only natural that initially things will be challenging. Secondly, it is hard to decide on the relocation, if you don’t have friends in the new place. Thirdly, new-comers may be confused by some cultural peculiarities of the destination country. The high cost of living in the UK (as well as in Western Europe in general) and the impossibility of practising one’s profession, at least during the initial period, can also be mentioned.

Of course, all this must be taken into account. At the same time, we assume that none of the listed obstacles is critical and, even if all of them are relevant for you, this does not mean that they outweigh the benefits of living in the UK.