Many Ukrainians arriving in the UK have left successful professional careers back home. Having to start again in a new country is a huge challenge and it can be difficult to build up the confidence to enter a new workforce with a different language and culture. 

At BHSU, we know the value Ukrainians workers can bring to the UK workforce and the wealth of skills they have to offer. We provide training and networking opportunities so Ukrainians can feel ready to bring their expertise to the UK market.

It’s our hope that with the right support, Ukrainians can become valued members of workplaces across the UK and build professional connections that will last even after the war has ended and they are able to return home. 

A key part of this is creating up a network of UK employers and organisations who share our vision for collaboration and skill sharing. If this sounds like you then get in touch.

Employability training

Giving Ukrainians the tools to feel confident about working in the UK is key as they begin to look for jobs in a new country. One way we are able to do this is through employability training. 

We are grateful to be partnering with the Prince’s Trust to deliver courses helping young people to understand the UK job market. These training programmes cover essential information including CV writing, looking for work that matches your skills and learning to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment. 

We are looking to provide further training to all age ranges and would love to hear from organisations in any industry who are interested in creating employability opportunities for Ukrainians.