Our team

BHSU was created out of a joint effort between educational organisations in Ukraine and the UK

Valeria Samborskaya
Co-Founder, Operations
Valeria was forced to leave her home in Kyiv following the Russian invasion. After travelling to the UK via mainland Europe, she co-founded BHSU to help others navigate the same process. She oversees the day-to-day running and operations of the organisation.

Valeria is CEO of Business Link Educational Agency and has over 20 years of experience working in international education. She studied in a British boarding school while growing up and has a first-hand understanding of life as an international student in the UK. Returning to Ukraine to work with Business Link, Valeria built up a network of partners in the UK and has organised large educational fairs and events to promote strong international relationships between educators.
Tatiana Samborskaya
Co-Founder, Outreach and Strategy
Tatiana travelled to the UK together with Valeria after war broke out in Ukraine. As co-founder of BHSU, her role focuses on building the organisation’s networks across the UK, leading our outreach and strategy.

Tatiana is the founder and Chief Strategic Officer at Business Link. Since founding the organisation in 1997, Tatiana has helped it grow into a highly specialised educational agency, linking British educators and Ukrainian students. 

Tatiana launched Business Link after becoming one of the first Ukrainians to educate her children through the British schooling system. She was inspired to create a business that would open up the UK’s world class education to other Ukrainians, helping them to access and navigate the British schooling system.
Kate Hargreaves
Co-Founder, Non-Executive Director
Kate was integral to helping Valeria and Tatiana find a safe home in the UK. As co-founder of BHSU, she focuses on delivering language education programmes as well as overseeing the organisation’s finances and administration.

Kate has nearly 30 years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language. In that time, she has managed language programmes overseas, in private language schools, state colleges and independent boarding schools.

Kate is the founder and principal of Living Learning English, a network of professional English teachers in the UK. LLE specialises in one-to-one English language courses either online or as a homestay experience, allowing students to fully immerse themselves in British life and culture. LLE has had great success enabling students from ages 10 to 70 to master the English language and also provides a Guardianship Service supporting international students in UK boarding schools.
Carys Brain
Lead Copywriter and Project Manager
Carys joined BHSU in the autumn of 2022. In her role as lead copywriter, she focuses on delivering the message of BHSU and promoting the organisation’s outreach. If you’re reading about BHSU then she’s probably written it!

Carys trained as a journalist before building a career in television where she developed concepts for documentaries and factual programmes for broadcasters in the UK and internationally. Her work has been seen on the screens of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

As part of the BHSU team, Carys also oversees the smooth running of our many projects. She enjoys building relationships with our amazing partner organisations and seeing events and projects come together for the benefit of the Ukrainian community here in the UK.
Savina Melnychuk
Savina volunteers at BHSU alongside her day job as a coordinator for a charity supporting non-UK rough sleepers in London to exit homelessness in a safe and sustainable way. Before that, she worked with homeless people in Kyiv. Savina was previously part of the Business Link team, giving Ukrainian students the opportunity to live and learn in the UK.

Volunteering at BHSU is Savina’s personal way of making a difference in these troubling times, bringing a sense of purpose and agency in a situation that can feel overwhelming. Through her work at BHSU, Savina believes more strongly than ever that everyone should have a place to call home.
Yuliia Sarayeva
Service Coordinator
Yuliia works closely with Ukrainian refugees, helping to find sponsors in the UK and providing continued support once they have arrived. She is on hand to bridge any cultural and language gaps, making sure both hosts and refugees feel comfortable and cared for.

Yuliia is also a valued member of Business Link and in the last 3 years has helped many Ukrainian students find opportunities to study in the UK.
Olena Dolhikh
Service Coordinator
Olena is a service coordinator at BHSU, working on matching potential hosts in the UK with Ukrainian refugees. She is on hand to guide both sides through the process, navigate cultural differences and provide continuity of care.

Alongside her role at BHSU, she is part of the Business Link team, providing assistance to Ukrainian students looking to study in the UK. Olena has lived in the UK since 2022 after fleeing the war in Ukraine.