Homes and schools
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We are a non-profit organisation helping Ukrainians to come and settle in the UK under the state programme for the support of Ukrainian citizens.
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On the 18th March 2022, the UK launched an official government-led programme for the support of Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war.

The programme allows Ukrainians to receive a legal status granting them a right to live and work in the United Kingdom for three years.

About the UK government-led programme for the support of Ukrainians

Homes for Ukraine is a programme that has been launched in the UK to help Ukrainian migrants fleeing the war. It significantly simplifies the procedure for entering the country and also allows you to obtain a residence permit for a period of three years.

The programme grants the right to stay, work and study in the UK, as well as offering access to medical care and social benefits.

Action plan


Find a sponsor who is willing to provide you with suitable housing for at least 6 months free of charge.


Fill out the visa application form and upload your documents.


Receive an email from Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, allowing you to enter the country.


Plan your journey and buy tickets.


Receive a special stamp (visa) in your international passport on the border (free of charge).


Reach the accommodation provided by the sponsors.


Get a biometric residence permit (BRP).

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We will help you:

  • Find accommodation and a verified sponsor
  • Translate everything that may be unclear for you during your meeting with the sponsor via Zoom
  • Fill out the visa application form and get the documents ready
  • Receive a BRP
  • Settle into the local community in the UK
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Understand the British education system
  • Enrol your children to a kindergarten, school, university
  • Improve your English or start learning it
  • Find a job


All the services are provided free of charge.

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Useful information

Why choose the UK

In the current difficult situation, we suggest that you consider the UK as a country to move to.

How to choose accommodation and find a sponsor

The main thing for participating in the programme is to have a sponsor who is ready to provide you with housing for six months.

How to prepare documents for getting a visa

If you have a full package of documents, including a passport, you do not even need to visit the visa centre.

How to make your way to the UK

You will need to make your own way to the UK. However, there are some free travel opportunities for Ukrainians.

How to get to your destination inside the UK

When you arrive in the UK, you will be able to reach your destination in the country free of charge.

State education and childcare

Displaced children can study at state-maintained schools for free, and parents can receive help paying for childcare.

Independent schools and higher education

British boarding schools and universities have an excellent reputation globally.

More details on British education

Helpful links for those planning the study in the UK for their children. (Most materials are currently available in Russian and Ukrainian only.)

Guide to finding jobs

The biometric residence permit (BRP) allows you to work in the UK. The minimum wage here is 9.5 pounds per hour; it is illegal to pay less.

Benefits for Ukrainians

Ukrainians are entitled to free housing and 200 pounds of relocation allowance plus the same benefits as British citizens have.

Healthcare in the UK

Healthcare in the UK is accessed through the National Health Service (NHS).

Useful contacts

Emergency phone numbers, the link to local council search by postcode, addresses of the embassy and consulate.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my pets along?

Yes, you can. The main requirement for bringing pets is a confirmed vaccination against rabies. Pets from Ukraine that have not been vaccinated, enjoy a special, simplified procedure for issuing documents and staying in quarantine. The maximum quarantine period is four months.

Source: governmental website

Can children enter the UK without adult relatives?

No, for children under 18 years, entry into the UK under the Homes for Ukraine scheme is possible only if accompanied by parents or other senior relatives.

What do I do if I entered the UK in my own car?

If you enter the UK in your car, carrying a Ukrainian driving licence, you can generally use it freely without additional permits for up to six months, but only if you do not receive resident status (BRP). If you plan to obtain the BRP, it will be necessary to register the car within 14 days from the date of entering the country.

Source: governmental website

What is a BRP?

A biometric residence permit (BRP) is a document that you need to obtain within six months after entering the UK. It is issued as a card, and it contains information about you (such as your name, date of birth, your immigration status), including biometric data (your picture and fingerprints). It serves as the proof of identity, secures your status as a resident of the United Kingdom and grants you access to all corresponding benefits.

Source: governmental website

Can I leave the country and re-enter later?

Yes, but we recommend that you do this only after obtaining a residence permit (BRP). Carry this document along to avoid problems at the border when you re-enter.

Source: governmental website

How do I open a bank account?

After arriving in the UK, you will need to open a bank account. The main thing for this is to have an official document proving your identity, such as a passport, residence permit (BRP), driver’s licence, etc.

Some banks also demand that you confirm your permanent address, although the government’s official recommendation at the moment is to allow Ukrainian migrants to open accounts without such confirmation. If you have any difficulties, you can contact your sponsor or local council for help.

Some banking institutions in the UK, similarly to Ukraine, do not have physical branches and provide their services through websites or applications. Accounts are opened online, and the process is quite quick and simple.

Source: governmental website

About us

Who we are

Ukrainian team

British team

Our mission


Who we are

BHSU (British Homes and Schools for Ukrainians) are two teams that have combined their experience and their efforts in a non-profit joint project that began operating in March 2022.

Business Link is a Ukrainian educational agency that has existed since 1997, specialising in British education. Before the Russian aggression, it was based in Kyiv and sent up to 500 students each year to British boarding schools, universities, and language schools.

Living Learning English is a British company that has existed since 1995, offering foreigners individual English language training in the UK with accommodation at teachers’ homes.

The office of the organisation is located in Bristol.

Ukrainian team

The Ukrainian team of BHSU consists of the employees of Business Link educational agency, which has been helping clients to obtain British visas and study in the UK for 25 years.

Some of us work remotely from different cities in Ukraine under martial law. The rest of the employees are temporarily based in Bristol.

We have first-hand knowledge of all the nuances of obtaining a visa and a BRP and the difficulties that you may encounter during the relocation. Many of us have recently travelled along this path ourselves. Together, we have already helped dozens of other Ukrainians find temporary shelter in the UK.

British team

BHSU’s UK team consists of representatives of Living Learning English, a company with a wide network of English language teachers based around the UK and willing to host foreign students at their homes.

For almost 30 years of the company’s work, its employees have developed unique skills in the selection and verification of host families, as well as servicing foreigners temporarily residing in the UK.

The company is a reputable player in the language courses market and has already begun work on teaching English free of charge to Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Our mission

The goal of our project is to provide displaced Ukrainians with informational, organisational, financial and psychological support.

We work to ensure that their move to a new place of residence is painless, the adaptation period, short, and the experience of living in Britain, revitalising, rich and fruitful.

We want Ukrainians to return home after the end of the war with enhanced dignity and self-confidence, with a higher level of English, with well-established connections in the UK, and with a willingness to continue mutually beneficial Ukrainian-British cooperation at macro and micro levels in the new, post-war world.


Only well-coordinated interaction of a large mass of people and organisations can make the processes associated with the influx of temporary migrants effective, painless and safe.

The BHSU team aims to become a strong link in the network of similar organisations in the UK.

We are open to cooperation with commercial companies, non-governmental organisations, state and community services, and volunteer groups. For suggestions on cooperation, please write to:

We already work with:

  • Academic Camp – providers of summer educational and leadership programmes for teenagers.
  • Intrinsq – international education and software specialists.
  • Password English Language Testing – a provider of online educational testing.
  • BBSN – professional association of British boarding schools and educational agencies.